Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists

Designated Professional Lobbyist COURSE WORK

Ethics - at least 3 hours required

  • Ethics  1  - Elected officials & staff 
  • Ethics 2  - Clients 
  • Ethics 3  - Other Lobbyists/conflicts of interest 

Laws & Rules  - at least 3 hours required

  • House Rules
  • Senate Rules
  • Executive Branch Rules
  • Gift Ban
  • Florida Election Law

General Business   - maximum of 4 hours 

  • RFP process
  • Working with a coalition
  • Grassroots
  • Appropriations process
  • Running a lobbying business
  • Drafting legislation
  • Speaking in committee
  • Lobbying 101
  • HR/Business Liability
Total Hours Needed for Designation: 10

The DPL program is a voluntary opportunity to strengthen skills and effectiveness of government relations personnel in lobbying firms, corporations, and not-for-profit associations. Those new to the profession quickly gain expertise it might otherwise take years to acquire, while experienced lobbyists stay current on new ethical and regulatory areas. At the same time, they earn a professional designation and recognition among peers in the lobbying community and in government.

FAPL is leading the way as the ONLY state lobbyist organization offering such a program. Join us in creating a new image for our profession!

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