Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists

The Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists (FAPL) was established in 2002, to be a broad-based organization committed to establishing and maintaining high standards for professional advocates.

FAPL members adhere to explicit standards of conduct in dealing with public officials, clients, and other members of the lobby corps. Our principles are centered on honesty, integrity, and respect for the political process. FAPL's mission focuses on education and the ethical conduct which fosters a lobby corps that is both knowledgeable and professional.

FAPL is governed by a Board of Directors, but ultimate power is vested in our members. FAPL membership is open to all governmental affairs professionals.

Congratulations to Our Newest DPLs

The following members earned their Designated Professional Lobbyist designation in 2019.

The DPL designation is renewed every two years through continued education in the legislative and political process, its rules, regulations and ethics.

Congratulations to:

  • Adam Basford, DPL
  • Alyssa Brown, DPL
  • Amanda Gill, DPL
  • Madeline Holzmann, DPL
  • Ethan Merchant, DPL
  • Alix Miller, DPL
  • Gaylen Morgan, DPL
  • Cameron Pennant, DPL
  • Victoria Price, DPL
  • Phillip Suderman, DPL
  • Megan Turetsky, DPL
  • Paul W. Wharton, DPL

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FAPL's  ethical principles are based on the organization's core values and the standards to which the professional is held

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Lobbyists are urged to read the full text of the law, Sec. 112.3215, F. S., as amended by 2005-359...

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