Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists


2020 FAPL Committee Structure

New ideas are always welcome and FAPL members are invited to join a committee as we progress through the year.

If you are interested in serving on a FAPL committee, please contact us at info@FAPL.us

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, immediate past-Chairman and one other member of the Board nominated by the officers. The at-large member of the Board nominated by the officers shall be approved by the Board at the first meeting of the Board after January 1st. An at-large Executive Committee member shall serve a maximum of two years unless elected as an officer of the Association. The Association President or Association Manager shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

  • Jeff Kottkamp - Chair
  • Candice Ericks - Vice Chair
  • Larry Williams - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Michael Hightower - Immediate Past-Chairman
  • Mario Bailey - At Large Representative

Annual Conference Committee

To survey, plan, solicit and execute educational programming at the Annual Conference, working in partnership with the Education Committee and Sponsorship Committee to ensure sessions provide high quality content that engages all FAPL members and meets the requirements for DPL coursework.

Committee Chair: TBA

Vice Chair:  TBA

Members: TBA

Candidate Interviews Committee

To plan and hold the bi-annual candidate interviews with candidates running for the Florida House and Senate. The candidate interviews are intended to provide an opportunity for candidates to share their ideas with FAPL members. 

Committee Chair: Justin Thames

Vice Chair:  TBA

Members: TBA

Communication Committee

To provide up-to-date information to members and the public using a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, weekly e-newsletters and website updates.

Chair: Mario Bailey 

Vice-Chair: Janet D. Owen 


Amanda Gill  

Codeye J. Woody

Daphnee A. Sainvil, J.D., LL.M 

Lauren Whritenour 

Education Committee

To seek and secure speakers who will attract attendees from all of FAPL's diverse sectors of membership and to ensure FAPL's members are up-to-date on the laws and rules governing the practice of lobbying.

Committee Chair: Barney Bishop  

Vice-Chair: Sheela VanHoose 


Cynthia Henderson 

Mark Landreth 

William W. Large  

Rachael Bonlarron  

Finance Committee

Reviews the annual budget and makes recommendations to the Board to keep the organization financially sound. Works in partnership with the Conference Committee to secure sponsors for the annual conference. 

Chair: Ron Pierce 

Vice-Chair: Doug Wheeler 


David Mica  

Candice Ericks 

Larry Willliams

Governance Committee

Ensures that the operational foundation of the organization is sound and functioning effectively.

Chair: David Mica  

Vice-Chair: Larry Williams 


Mike Hightower 

William W. Large

Jennifer Green

Membership Development Committee

To attract and obtain members, to solicit their opinions in an effort to involve and retain them, and to survey non-members to ascertain their reasons for not being members and to motivate them to join.

Committee Chair: Candice Ericks 

Vice-Chair: Scott Dudley 


Drew Preston 

Jo Morris 

Jeff Greene

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall consist of the past chairman of the FAPL Board of Directors, the Secretary-Treasurer, two Board members and two at-large association members.

(Appointments made in August)

Programs Committee

To plan programs and activities for FAPL members and supporters, working in partnership with the Annual Conference Committee and the Education Committee

.Committee Chair: Joe Anne Hart

Vice-Chair: Corinne Mixon


Rosanna Manuela Catalano, Esq. 

Doug Martin

Tom Griffin 

FAPLtini Task Force

To plan and execute networking events for members and legislators.

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