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Campaign Finance: Legal Do’s and Don’t’s Jennifer Blohm, Partner with Meyer, Blohm and Powell, P.A. will discuss Chapter 106, surrounding the laws governing campaign finance reporting and campaign financing limitations. Jennifer devotes an extensive portion of her legal practice to representation of candidates and committees and advising and training organizations and associations on election law matters. Fundraising Q&A with Beth Matuga and Ashley Ross With over 17 years of experience in Florida politics and government and a fundraiser by trade, Beth Matuga has raised tens of millions of dollars for an array of candidates, causes and campaigns. A native of Florida's Space Coast, Beth holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from FSU and has been an adjunct professor in political science there for a decade. Ashley Ross specializes in political fundraising, operations, and strategy. Ashley one of Florida’s top Republican finance consultants with more than a decade of high-level political and public affairs experience, including serving as a top advisor to several Senate Presidents and members of leadership. She has played a significant role in electing more than 50 candidates to public office through her work for the Senate Republican caucus.

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